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You know that when presented with the option, restaurant diners prefer to enjoy their experience outdoors if the environment is comfortable, inviting, protected from sun, wind or potential rain, and generally pleasant. Serving patrons in your outdoor area offers you as a restaurant owner or operator an opportunity to increase your revenue because you are not limited to just your indoor serving capacity.

Not only does the additional serving space increase the income potential for your restaurant, but when the outdoor dining atmosphere is visible to others, there is a “me too” effect that entices others to try dining “al fresco” for themselves. Of course, to make all this happen, your outdoor environment has to set the tone for a pleasant dining experience.

In designing your outside seating area, some form of overhead protection solution is needed. And there is no less expensive overhead protection solution for you and your diners on a per square foot basis than a fabric awning or canopy. Well designed and installed awnings and canopies allow diners to enjoy their meal in the fresh air while providing shelter from the sun or rain. Certain designs can provide year-round protection against snow in addition to sun, wind and rain.

Retractable awnings are ideal for seasonal dining because they can be deployed “on demand” in a matter of just seconds. And new, contemporary Pergola Systems offer the best of both worlds: on demand deployment AND sturdy, ground supported weather protection. Awnings provide a clean, finished look both inside and out, with ceiling liner options and other interior treatments available, in addition to providing space to showcase the restaurant name to all those passing by who wish they were eating there!

By answering a few basic questions about your restaurant, our Outdoor Dining Space Calculator can help you identify how quickly your investment in a new, outdoor serving space would offer you payback. This could be as little as one season, depending on the frequency of meals served, typical meal price and so forth. Generally speaking, there is no seasonal solution to expand your outdoor dining area that offers you quicker payback than installing a fabric awning or canopy.

Now that you agree that awnings and canopies are essential to your restaurant’s outdoor eating space, why not contact us at Globe Canvas to begin the process of growing your business? With so many beautiful fabrics and colors available, from the industry leading Sunbrella brand, to top global brands and even our own house collection, your only limit is your imagination!

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