Necessary For Outdoor Seating

BrasserieRestaurant diners may choose to sit outside if the environment is comfortable, inviting and protected from sun or potential rain. Serving patrons in an outdoor area offers an opportunity for increased revenue. Not only does the additional space make room for more income potential, but when the dining atmosphere is visible to others, there is a built-in opportunity for other folks to be enticed, and want to try it out for themselves.

Of course, the outdoor environment has to set the tone for a pleasant dining experience. Your outside seating area would not be complete without an awning or canopy to cover your diners if you plan to serve satisfied customers. Awnings and canopies are the best solution for diners to enjoy their meal in the fresh air while providing shelter from the sun or rain. Stationary awnings will provide year-round protection, while retractable awnings are more ideal for seasonal dining because they can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Additionally, awnings provide a clean, finished look and an opportunity to showcase the restaurant name.

Now that you agree that awnings and canopies are essential to your restaurant’s outdoor eating space, the hard part will be deciding on a fabric color or pattern…Globe Canvas Products has literally hundreds of choices from high end brands like Sunbrella.

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