Awnings make your business stand out from the competition!

Awnings are more than just protection from the rain or sun, they are a branding opportunity not to be missed! Door and window awnings for your restaurant, store or other company are also a blank canvas to add value to your brand. Your exterior appearance is your first impression to consumers. Between the color, patterns and graphics options that Globe Canvas has to offer, there is no shortage of ways to add personality to your business entrance and make an impact on the public.

Transform your business’ exterior with the Power of Branding.

Awnings are built-in advertising. Adding graphics to your awning will get your business noticed, providing an opportunity to display your company or restaurant name and phone number. Globe Canvas Products uses a printing process that lasts as long as the awning itself so your business will be branded for years to come.

An awning is one of the smartest accessories you can invest in for your business. No matter how small or large your commercial space is, awnings will enhance your curb appeal, providing that finished look. Globe Canvas Products has the stationary and retractable solutions to meet your functional and branding needs.

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