Winter Vestibules & Custom Entryway Enclosures

There is no better way to welcome customers in from the elements than with an attractive temporary vestibule enclosure that promises a comfortable and cosy transit into your restaurant or other retail location. Why ask your customers to consider your menu or call or text with friends to discuss their plans in the cold, wind, snow, or rain when they could enjoy the shelter provided by a cost-effective and attractive vestibule? If you haven’t considered the benefits of a temporary vestibule, take a look at the many reasons that it’s time you added this surprisingly useful enclosure to the exterior of your retail location.

Custom designs

custom made temporary vestibule for louie louie in west philly
Whether your business is situated on a busy city avenue with little available sidewalk space or has the luxury of its own parking lot, we can create a vestibule in the materials and size you need. Anything from a simple two-person canvas enclosure to a generous patio-sized vestibule that can accommodate a crowd can be made to your specifications. With or without windows, double or single doors, interior and/or exterior lighting, and even high-security locks and keypads can be created and installed based on your needs.

Keeps main building warmer

Windows bring people into your establishment and let them enjoy their experience once they’re inside. But there is nothing more frustrating–or expensive–than heating your space only to lose a significant part of it to windows and doors that are exposed on one side to the weather 24/7. A vestibule encloses your door as well as some or even all of your windows, creating an additional barrier to the cold. You should expect to see a significant savings on heating bills over time, meaning that a vestibule will not only attract customers–it will also pay for itself.

Hundreds of patterns and colors

A colorful, eye-catching custom vestibule enclosure can truly make the difference when potential customers are considering whether to stop and take a closer look or to keep walking. And while you’re investing in a vestibule, why limit yourself to a plain green fabric that can be found on any city street? We stock a dizzying array of weather-resistant fabrics that represent you and your brand seamlessly. Don’t settle for a color or print that is “just OK.” We stock a world-class selection that will not disappoint!
low profile vestibule for the love restaurant

Custom graphics

We specialize in applying custom graphics to outdoor fabrics, and that means that all of our work is clean, precise, and fabricated to last. We can apply text, logos, and other graphical elements in virtually any configuration to create a one of a kind marketing piece that will be unmatched by your competition. If you have inspiration for graphical elements that you’d like added to your temporary vestibule, just let us know. Our designers will work with you to bring your dream vestibule to life!

Adds more sidewalk presence

Your options for signage and other elements that draw guests into your business may be limited by a variety of factors. However, a vestibule announces your presence in a way that 2D signage simply can’t do. A tasteful, colorful vestibule invites guests in by making it almost impossible for them to walk by without at least giving you a second look.

Quick lead times to manufacture and take down

Temperatures are dropping fast. Don’t leave your customers out in the cold! We can produce a custom vestibule that will be ready in time to ensure that the winter weather doesn’t drive business away. We can fabricate and install your new vestibule, often in days rather than weeks!

Durable yet easily broken down for summer storage

Giving you warmth when you require it and the freedom to take it down when you don’t, your temporary vestibule can be uninstalled and reinstalled by you season after season. Our vestibules do not require significant storage space as they are designed to be folded and packed away for the warmer months if you choose.
Call us today to find out more about our attractive, affordable custom vestibule options. We’re on hand to assist with color and pattern choices, logo placement, and sizing considerations to ensure that you are delighted with your new vestibule!

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