Commercial Business Retractable Awnings

add seating to your restaurantAdd covered outdoor seating to your business with commercial awnings from Globe Canvas. As functional as they are attractive, our business awnings and canopies use exceptional fabrics and materials combined with state-of-the-art technology to create a product that can uplift your business presence and expand the usable space on your property.

We offer our customers a variety of options, including retractable and stationary awnings, roof-mounted or freestanding canopies in materials such as canvas or vinyl. Because every awning we create is custom-built, Globe Canvas can design an awning solution to suit every space and budget for your business needs.

As an added bonus, all Globe Canvas Awnings are designed and manufactured in the USA, using local talent and expertise. Learn more about our offerings and how we can help you add protection and a polished, professional touch to your business location.

Retractable awnings

Globe Canvas offers a comprehensive line of motorized commercial retractable awnings. Simply press the button and your awning will expand or fold closed, smoothly and easily. Our easy-to-use mechanism means you don’t have to spend time struggling with manual cranks at the end of the day. When it’s time to go home, your awning folds away out of sight to protect it from vandals or accidents, giving you total peace of mind.

Door awnings and canopies

Adding a commercial door awning to your entrance way is more than just a stylish statement. It’s also a place to offer your visitors a convenient, sheltered place from the elements. Choose from our array of fabrics and colors to create an awning or canopy that matches your brand aesthetic. And thanks to our on-site printing facilities we can add your name, logo, and address right over your door.

Window awnings and canopies

Have you ever squinted and struggled to read your computer screen at a certain time of day or lamented the rising cost of air conditioning during scorching summer months? Our commercial window awnings are your first line of defense against the heat, glare, and UV damage caused by excessive sunlight.

Patio awnings

A covered patio is one of the best ways to increase capacity (and profit!) in your restaurant, bar or cafe. Patio awnings from Globe Canvas can help you effectively maximize your seating area. Keep your customers cool, dry, and happy to stay for dessert or an extra drink (or two) under the shade of an attractive awning.
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Deck awnings and canopies

For hotels and resorts with recreational areas, you can create a relaxing sanctuary or a poolside cabana with the addition of a deck awning, pergola or canopy. Not only can they help your guests have a more enjoyable stay and make the most of your amenities, but it also helps your outdoor furniture and your deck itself stay fresh and crisp, shielding them from damaging UV radiation and dampness.

Walkway covers

Pouring rain, ferocious summer sun, snow, sleet, and the dreaded “wintery mix”: bad weather conditions won’t slow traffic to your business when you add a walkway cover to your building. Give customers a comfortable spot to take a phone call, wait for a cab, or meet up with friends regardless of weather conditions. A walkway cover can also make it easier for employees to get from A to B by joining buildings together and creating a sheltered path. Covered walkways can also help to prevent slips and falls in the cold season by preventing slush and ice from accumulating on the pavement in front of your building.

Freestanding awnings

Use a freestanding awning to create additional usable space anywhere on your property. It’s a great way to make room for additional seating, a stage, protected storage or parking spaces — or even a home for shopping carts. Wherever you need extra shelter, a commercial freestanding awning can fit right in.

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