Philadelphia, PA Residential Awnings & Canopies

philly area marquee canopy awningAdd shelter, shade, instant color, and timeless style to your patio, windows and doors with custom awnings! Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, homeowners and businesses have the country’s leading provider of awnings and canopies right in their backyard.

Since 1970, Globe Canvas has been designing and manufacturing the best awnings in the country. We have an extensive network of passionate, highly trained dealers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Let us help you find the perfect awning for your needs.

Globe Canvas is happy to serve customers throughout the Delaware Valley, including Philadelphia and its suburbs, as well as those in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) and the Lehigh Valley. Our qualified dealers serve the entire Eastern Pennsylvania area, including:

Home awnings: Philadelphia trusts the experts in residential awning and canopy design

Standalone homes, apartments, or row homes — no matter you live, residential awnings are an excellent addition that are the perfect blend of function and fashion. The right awning can be your home’s crowning glory, enhancing its curb appeal and making it even more welcoming. Shade your windows and doorways from the fierce glare of the summertime sun. Create a weatherproof outdoor living space in your backyard. Your options are virtually unlimited!

There’s a Globe Canvas residential awning for every space in a variety of fabrics including canvas and more. Explore our range of sturdy long-lasting materials from fabric to vinyl. Bring your ideas to a Globe Canvas dealer and we’ll work together to show you what’s possible and give you a personalized quote.

Commercial awnings: Philadelphia business owners go to Globe Canvas

philly frame awning for businessBusinesses throughout Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania have benefitted from our exceptional commercial awnings. They trust our decades of experience and appreciate that our products are manufactured right here, in the USA. They know they can count on Globe Canvas awning to withstand the punishment of our weather and look beautiful for years to come.

Whatever option you’re going for, Globe Canvas can provide a custom awning for your home or business. Get a quote from a Globe Canvas dealer today!

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