In unison with its parent, the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the only recognized trade association in the U.S. devoted to fabric awnings, certifies individuals who have demonstrated and maintained the highest levels of craftsmanship, integrity and legacy. When you choose to purchase awnings manufactured under a certified individual’s dedicated watch, you are assured an unsurpassed level of quality and satisfaction.

Three separate certifications are offered by PAMA:
Master Fabric Craftsman,
Industrial Fabrics Manager and
Certified Project Planner.

Master Fabric Craftsman, the original certification, identifies expertise in the physical production of awnings.

Industrial Fabrics Manager identifies expertise in operating a financially successful and socially responsible awning company.

Certified Project Planner identifies expertise in the design of outstanding awning solutions to meet the shading, weather protection and other demands of customers.

To become certified, an individual must, among other requirements, have a minimum of 5 years of active experience, must submit for peer review the details of an actual project and must pass written and oral examinations. Certifications are valid for 5 years. To renew, certified individuals must sustain certain levels of continuing education credit, industry participation and mentoring of others. Upon achieving 20 years of continuous certification, individuals may be granted “Lifetime” certification.

Globe Canvas enjoys the distinction of being one of just 3 awning companies in the U.S. to retain a holder of ALL 3 professional certifications offered (and the only one east of the Mississippi). Beyond that, 2 of those certifications – Master Fabric Craftsman and Industrial Fabrics Manager – have achieved “Lifetime” designation, a feat Globe shares with NO OTHER company in the U.S. So when it comes time for you to shop for your own awnings, put all this expertise to work for you and see what a difference our experience can make.

Be sure you make part of your awning shopping list a requirement that you buy from a certified manufacturer!

Locations and Hours

Globe Canvas Products
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Email: websales@globecanvas.com

Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (M-F)

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Warranty Information

When you choose to purchase awnings manufactured by Globe Canvas, you are protected by our warranty.

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