Globe Canvas Products!

Founded in 1970, and now operating in our 44th year, Globe Canvas Products Co. designs, manufactures and provides custom-made solutions to a variety of weather, safety and marketing challenges through the effective application of awnings, canopies and other industrial fabric products. Utilizing the strengths of today's engineered performance textiles, Globe pursues excellence in manufacturing, and is committed to the satisfaction of its customers, as well as to the livelihoods of its employees and suppliers.

In November, 2013, Globe merged its complete operations with D.C. Humphrys Co. of Philadelphia and now operates as a Division of Humphrys. Globe has moved from its former home of 43 years in the Yeadon Industrial Park (pictured above) to be located in the same plant with Humphrys' two major brands: Humphrys Textile Products and Humphrys CoverSports. As a result of this merger, Globe now offers much more than awnings, with 200,000 square feet of tarp, cover, mat & wall padding manufacturing space.

Globe is and has always been a wholesale manufacturer and distributor, serving awning consumers through a network of retailers, and business, industry & government agency customers as a component supplier. With a diverse product mix comprised of awnings, outdoor athletic pads and industrial covers, curtains & other custom-designed items, Globe is able to take full advantage of expertise learned in one market and apply that across the spectrum of its customers' demands in order to satisfy your particular need.

To provide this level of excellence, our staff receives continuous training throughout the year. We maintain membership in several business and trade associations, and are one of fewer than 5 companies in the entire U.S. to be triple-certified by the Industrial Fabrics Association International, as we carry the Certified Project Planner, Lifetime Industrial Fabric Manager and Lifetime Master Fabric Craftsman certifications. And we maintain supplier certifications as well, which identify us as being capable of managing today's state-of-the-art materials and processes. Globe was among the first awning companies in the U.S. to offer Welded Seam Technology on residential awnings & canopies made from today's popular woven acrylic fabrics. Featuring ultrasonically sealed or hot-glued seams, awnings no longer need any re-stitching during their lifetime. Globe has literally traveled the world to discover, learn and implement the most advanced textile manufacturing processes and bring them to you!

While Globe may not be a household name known to you today, you have likely seen our work: awnings decorating commercial properties, canopies providing shade to your neighbor's patio deck, or protection along the walkway from the parking lot to the office, football blocking dummy pads or track-and-field landing pads, or even security curtains around kiosks at the mall! Globe has provided these solutions to customers in over 40 states in the U.S. & in Canada. We invite you to take a look through our Photo Gallery and see what you recognize!

Having built over 40,000 awnings & canopies during our career, and having used over 1,000 miles of fabric to solve other commercial and industrial needs, Globe has the knowledge and versatility to service you at the highest level of quality. We thank you for visiting with us today and look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied customers!